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When Is The Best Time To Eat A Banana To Get The Full Health Benefits?


When it comes to banana’s, we all assume that when they’re yellow it’s the best time to eat them. In the past I’ve bought them and eaten them when they are blemish free. However, that’s not the best time to eat them, not if you want the full health benefits.

According to the Healthy Food Style blog post What Happens With Your Body When You Eat Ripe Bananas with Dark Spots?

The fully ripe banana produces a substance called TNF( Tumor Necrosis Factor) which has the ability to combat abnormal cells. As the banana ripens, it develops dark spots or patches on the skin. The more dark patches it has, the higher will be its’ immunity enhancement quality . Hence the Japanese love bananas for a good reason. According to a Japanese scientific research, banana contains TNF which has anti-cancer properties. This substance, according to their study, helps to increase the immune system capacity. The conclusion of the study was that eating those ripe bananas may just prevent certain lifestyle-related diseases and carcinogenesis.

Here’s an infographic that shows you which type of banana we are talking about

Which Banana?

All that technical detail boils down to the fact that banana’s with lots of dark spots are really good for you! I guess you will get the best out of a banana by eating it as is. Perhaps as a mid-morning snack or mid-afternoon nibble to keep you going.

If you are looking for recipes featuring banana’s then we have many in our archive. Here’s a few of my favourites for you to try…

How do you like your banana’s? As they are, in a recipe or perhaps you really just don’t like them! Leave you thoughts in the comments below…


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