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What To Do With Christmas Dinner Leftovers

christmas dinner leftovers

Lets face it, you’ve been opening the fridge looking for something and you’re staring your Christmas dinner leftovers. Everyone enjoyed the meals (if you were the cook, then well done!) and it’s probably no surprise that you’ve put a little bit of weight on. However, each time you open the fridge door, those plates of leftovers are staring back at you. Beckoning you to use them up, ‘don’t waste me’ they cry!

Christmas dinner leftovers are all part of the festive season, it’s natural and always seems to happen. Plates of meat, bowls of various vegetables, and no doubt a jug of gravy! If you’re wondering what to do with it all, then wonder no more! I found some marvellous ways of using them up!

Leftover Broccoli & Ham Crustless Quiche + 4 Other Ideas – Cookin Canuck

As easy as it is to cook up some chicken, shrimp or pork, or add beans to a dish, sometimes I just want access to a hunk of already-cooked meat that I can use for leftover-inspired meals. Post-Christmas or post-Easter, there always seems to be an abundance of leftover ham available in the fridge.

Leftover Christmas Pie – Domu

Put your Christmas leftovers to good use in this hearty pie! Turkey, veg, stuffing; in the spirit of waste not, want not, chuck it all in and savour those final festive flavours.

Ten Ways With Turkey Leftovers… – The Diary Of A Frugal Family

I actually wrote this post originally four years ago today when I was faced with about three quarters of a huge turkey to try and use up in the days following Christmas.  These days we don’t do turkey on Christmas Day because we’re not overly keen (hence all the turkey leftovers we had when I wrote this) but I did think it might be helpful for those of you who do have leftovers!

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