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Weekend Challenge: It’s Time To Make Banana Bread!

banana bread

Everybody loves banana’s, well just about everybody. They’re great as quick snacks, perfect for breakfast and they’re really really healthy! And one last attribute you may not be aware of, they are radioactive. Don’t believe me? Wikipedia says

Bananas are naturally slightly radioactive, more so than most other fruits, because of their potassium content and the small amounts of the isotope potassium-40 found in naturally occurring potassium. The banana equivalent dose of radiation is sometimes used in nuclear communication to compare radiation levels and exposures.

Though, you are going to have to eat a lot of bananas before you’re anywhere near having a problem!

This weekend, get out your baking trays and give banana bread a go. I’ve selected a video from the boys at Sorted, they show you exactly how to make their recipe, which includes baking the bananas! It’s pretty much straight forward, just make sure you have all the ingredients prepared before hand.

You can find the ingredients list and a few more details on the Sortedfood website.

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