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Vegan Friendly Sweet Potato Flatbread


vegan sweet potato flatbread

Have you tried cooking with sweet potato recipes lately? I’ve posted a few ideas in the past, for instance sliced and toasted and wrapped in bacon. Often as not though, you’ve cooked the sweet potato just for those recipes. What about leftovers? For this great two ingredient recipe, you can either use leftovers or cook them specifically.

Sweet Potato Flatbread (Roti) only requires warm sweet potato mash and flour, therefore it’s more than suitable for vegans or vegetarians. No oil or yeast is required.

The recipe comes from Teenuja who is currently based in Montreal. Together with her husband Kevin, she runs a YouTube channel and a blog that features her recipes – Vegan Lovelie.

The video below features Teenuja gently explaining how to make the sweet potato flatbread, her recipe page has more details if you want it. She is softly spoken and really calm, which is a nice contrast to other chefs and cooks that seem to rush through their explanations.

Let me know what you think of her presentation in the comments below…

Weather you treat them as Indian naans, soft tortilla wraps or as simple flatbreads – they are easy to make and cook within minutes. If you seal them in a container of some kind (to keep them soft), they would make for a perfect accompaniment to a picnic salad. Personally, I would love to have them with a nice and spicy curry!

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