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Your Valentine’s Day Meal, Impress The One You Love With A Fantastic Starter

valentines day starters

Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure you have the 14th marked in your diary, for it’s Valentine’s Day and woe betide anyone who forgets this most romantic date! But don’t panic, we’ve got you covered! This week we are sharing recipes from great food bloggers that you can make yourself, and therefore impress the socks off the one you love!

Imagine inviting your loved one to dinner, candles, their favourite music and a table laid with your best crockery. After you pour the wine, it’s time to shine…

Valentine’s day Starters


Image copyright Pigeon Cottage Kitchen, used with permission

Roasted Beetroot Amore from Pigeon Cottage Kitchen. Great combination of cheese and beetroot, the dressing is good to. You are bound to impress with your presentation skills…


Image copyright ‘Front Porch Gourmet’, used with permission

This starter comes from Melissa at Front Porch Gourmet, a regular contributor of great recipes. No complicated ingredients for this dish – Smoked Trout Dip. I would say it perfect for sharing. Crack open a nice dry Riesling or even a Pinot Noir, you really can’t go wrong with this one…


Image copyright ‘Shana Was Here’, used with permission

How about a sweet and fruity starter to your shared Valentine’s dinning experience? This recipe – Dutch Oven Pancake w/ Cranberry Orange Compote – by Shana at Shana Was Here, uses a blender, an oven and items you probably already have. Except the cranberries perhaps!  The recipe page does mention ‘brunch’ but don’t worry about that, it’s a lovely little starter!

One last thing – flowers!

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