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Your Valentine’s Day Meal, Amaze With Your Main Course


You made a big impression with your Valentine’s Day starter but it’s no time for slacking off! You’ve got to keep things going and perhaps take things to the next foodie level. Yes, it’s time to serve a main course that will make you a star!

We’ve chosen these three recipes based on appearance and level of difficulty. If you want to amaze then you are going to have to stretch your skills some what. Good luck!

Valentine’s Day Main Courses


Image from ‘Jo Cooks’, used with permission

I just love the presentation and colours in this recipe from Jo Cooks – Cheese And Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken Breasts. It’s not marked as being for Valentine’s Day but it looks lovely and has bags of flavour – bound to impress!


Image copyright ‘Cooking With Curls’, used with permission

You can’t go far wrong with a steak, and this recipe from Cooking With Curls is a good example of that – Beef Tenderloin With Shrimp And Mushroom SauceYeah, it is like “surf and turf” but when you focus on flavour and the ingredients, you only get the best!


Image copyright ‘Pinch Of Yum’, used with permission

This recipe by Lindsay at Pinch Of Yum is all about presentation and colour – Date Night Mushroom Pasta With Goat Cheese. The spinach green against the pasta and mushroom looks great on a plate. Mixed in with the sauce and pasta is goat’s cheese, terrific flavours! It’s not as difficult as you think to make, so it’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day main course!

Don’t forget the wine!

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