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Using Up Vegetables With A Chinese Chow Mein

ken hom how mein

Possibly the best Chinese Chef the UK has ever had is Ken Hom, the man who introduced us to the wok. In this video, he uses various vegetables to create a quick and tasty meal.

The main ingredients in this chow mein recipe is carrot, spring onion and a red pepper. All still available at your local market. Fresh veg tastes great and they’re even better if you have grown them yourself.

The other ingredient is of course, noodles. You can get them in many different formats such as the dried sort with sachets of flavour (ramen), rice noodles (much softer and thinner) and those made with differing flours.

I buy my noodles from a local specialist who gets them direct from China. They are thinner and do not swell as much when soaked in hot water. However, once in the wok, they do seem to take up the flavour.

Cooking this sort of meal can, at first look, seem expensive – Soy sauce, sesame oil etc. However, they can last for many meals and as you are cooking vegetables, it can work out very reasonably.

Anyway, over to Ken Hom and his hot wok for vegetable chow mein!

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