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Have You Got Leftovers Lurking In The Fridge? Here’s How To Use Them


You can’t help but have leftovers, especially if you prepared a large meal for family and friends over the festive period. I bet you’ve got more than a few bowls of food sitting in your fridge. Let’s not waste them, here’s a few ideas that I have found!

I really like the pasties from Delicious magazine, easy to make and just slam in to the oven. You always get great recipes from Galina at Chez Maxinka, take you leftovers and add noodeles, ginger and soy sauce – soup done! The Little Food Blog has a selection of ideas for you to try, there should be something that will suit you!

From Delicious Magazine – Turkey, sprout and stuffing pasties

It’s a rare person who doesn’t love a pasty – especially these. A nifty recipe for using up Christmas leftovers.

From Chez Maximka – Boxing Day turkey soup

This morning I opened the fridge and looked wistfully, pondering what should I do with the leftovers. Nobody fancied a Boxing day sandwich with leftovers. Turkey curry always reminds me of Bridget Jones’ Mum’s culinary expertise. Bubble and squeak? Too British.
What about a slightly Oriental soup with the leftover turkey and vegetables? Yes, that sounds better.
So, soup it was.

Little Food BlogSix delicious ways to use up your Christmas leftovers

Christmas is on Friday and you’re almost sorted. Hurrah! Only a couple more presents to pick up, the guest list for lunch is locked in, and the food’s ordered. You are officially ready to stuff your festive face, my friend. But what’s the game plan for all those random food scraps you’ll be staring blankly at every time you open the fridge for a week afterwards?

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