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Two unusual pasta dishes you have yet to try


Today we have two recipes in one video, brought to you by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Both use a single vegetable and pasta. The first recipe uses macaroni but the second one uses Orzo or Risoni which is rice shaped pasta.

If you are looking for a cheap dish or something in a hurry then either of these recipes will do.

My personal favourite is the macaroni and peas. Frozen peas are cheap and easy to store for a long time in the freezer. Obviously the pasta will store for quite some time too. It would be the kind of meal you can whip up quickly for an impromptu meal with friends or family.

The second recipe, mushrooms with orzo, looks good and is a kind of a ‘cheats way’ to a risotto.

Which one would you prefer? Watch the video and leave your comment below…


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