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BBQ Alternatives – Tom Kerridge And His Fish Burger


While looking around for summer ideas, especially BBQ friendly ones, I came across mentions of a recipe by Tom Kerridge for a fish burger. What I would have liked to of done, was to share a video of that recipe being made right here. However, the only place I can find that has a video of Tom in action is on the ‘AOL On’ website. And sadly, there are no options that would enable me to put it here on this page.

I’m keen to share recipe because I really like the idea of it and that there really are interesting alternative ideas for BBQ’s. Not everything has to involve meat!

Seeing the recipe in video form makes it easier to see how all the ingredients are put together – just a shame I have to link to it. If you want to try out the recipe, the ingredients are below along with the link to the AOL page that has the video.

Ingredients needed for Tom’s fish burger

  • mackerel
  • pollock (a sustainable fish)
  • lobster
  • dill
  • mustard powder
  • bicarbonate of soda (for binding)
  • capers
  • garlic

As an option, the fish burgers can be topped off with pancetta cooked on the BBQ and slices of a fresh tomato.

Watch Tom Kerridge cook his fish burgers on a rather murky looking day on the Cornish coast.

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