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Three Traditional Mulled Wine Recipes For The Festive Season

mulled wine

When it comes to drinks for Christmas. the first one that comes to mind for most of us is mulled wine. It’s such a traditional drink in the UK that the older versions are now long forgotten, well nearly!

I’m sure that most would consider mulled wine as a European invention. However, according to Wikipedia

Wine was first recorded as spiced and heated in Rome during the 2nd century. The Romans travelled all across Europe, conquering much of it and trading with the rest. The legions brought wine and viticulture with them up to the Rhine and Danube rivers and to the Scottish border bringing their recipes with them.

As to the older versions I alluded to above…

Mulled wine is very popular and traditional in the United Kingdom at Christmas, and less commonly throughout winter. Mulled cider (and sometimes mulled ale, traditional yet no longer common) is also served, with a mulled apple juice as a non-alcoholic alternative.

There’s only a few ways to prepare mulled wine so I’m not going to share loads of recipes where the differences are minor. What I am sharing though are three recipes where one is alcoholic, another is isn’t and a recipe you can make in your slow cooker!

Homemade Mulled Wine with Amaretto – Made By Luci

Is there anything quite as festive as mulled wine? I like to start every festive season with a glass! And, ideally, a trip to the nearest Christmas market. There’s something about all the lights and sights and smells of Christmas Markets that literally starts the feeling of Christmas for me.

Mulled Cider and Mulled Apple Juice for a Non-Alcoholic Alternative – Tin & Thyme

I’m not quite sure why mulled wine has become such a classic British drink at Christmas. Apple cider is a more traditional beverage after all. I’m as partial to a glass or two of mulled wine as anyone else, but given the choice I’d go for mulled cider every time. It has a lighter, fruitier and more refreshing taste. You don’t need to add as much sugar either. Mulled apple juice can be served alongside or even instead of, allowing drinkers and non-drinkers alike to join in the festive cheer.

Slow Cooker Mulled Wine – The Hedge Combers

The Slow Cooker Mulled Wine recipe itself couldn’t be easier: simply pop all the ingredients in the slow cooker and switch on to low. It should take about an hour to fully heat through and dissolve all the sugar. However you can keep it switched on all evening if you’re out and about, and when you return home your home you can dive right in.

Do you have a family traditional recipe for mulled wine? How do you make yours? Share your ideas and comments below…

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