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Three Super Chocolate Recipes For Easter

recipes for easter

When it comes to recipes for Easter, what will you be thinking of? Our archive has plenty of ideas for roasts and thing to bake. However, do you know any good chocolate recipes for Easter treats? If you have kids then you could be spending a fortune on Easter eggs. So why not try making your own? If you haven’t got time for that, what’s safe to buy for those who need it gluten free or Vegan friendly?

Here are a few lovely recipes for Easter that you need to check out and have a try at.

Easter Baking: Creme Egg Nutella Pizza – Feeding Boys

It’s absolutely the time of year for crazy Creme Egg recipes, so here’s my Creme Egg Nutella Pizza to add to the throng of super sweet confections sweeping the web. It’s a super fun and easy recipe to make with the children this Easter, especially if the weather’s taken a turn for the worst and you need something manageable to do to keep them from driving you insane. I reckon it’d also be a fun dessert to serve up as part of a party buffet table.

Easy No Bake Chocolate Coconut Nests – Home Made And Yummy

Birds nest cookies are so popular at Easter. These gluten free treats are so easy to make. Fill with eggs, smarties, jelly beans, or whatever you like.

No-Bake Unicorn Mini Egg White Chocolate Slice – Baking Queen 74

So the Easter holidays are here, and time, when I’m not working, to enjoy the outdoors and hope the Spring weather stays kind. We’ll hopefully do some Easter crafting and baking too, there will certainly be Mini Eggs involved! This recipe is fun to make with kids and really easy as no baking is needed. They’ll love the “Unicorn” multi-colours of this no-bake mini egg white chocolate slice.

If you want to buy chocolate but not sure what to get if you need gluten free or vegan friendly? Here’s some great advice that should help…

How to Make a Gluten Free Easter Basket – This Mama Cooks

If you have a gluten free child, it can be a challenge to make a Gluten Free Easter Basket for him or her. You may be wondering what gluten free Easter candy is safe to put in their gluten free Easter gift basket. Grandparents as well as aunts and uncles maybe wondering what’s OK to bring over in any Easter baskets or gifts they may be preparing for the holiday, too! Here’s the list of gluten free Easter candy according to celiacdisease.about.com, updated for 2017 that’s OK for your gluten free Easter basket.

Vegan Easter Eggs and Gift Ideas – made by luci

Even at work – where no one is intending to get me a gift for Easter – I get asked about vegan chocolate quite a lot. Does it exist? Is the main one. But also can vegans eat chocolate? comes up quite a lot. My answer is usually just a confused “…yes?”. So, for those who are also faced by confused friends, family and general acquaintances, I rounded up a collection of dairy free, vegan Easter eggs that we can all point to and say: “look!”! And also “that one please!”

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about these recipes and your own ideas for Easter in the comments below.

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