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Three Great Kitchen Tips From Gordon Ramsay

gordon-ramsay-kitchenToday we take a look at three great kitchen tips from Gordon Ramsay. In the following videos, he shows how to skin a salmon, separate a chicken and how to prepare prawns. All very handy skills, nothing too difficult and any aspiring chef should know them.

Skin and de-bone a salmon

In the first video, Gordon demonstrates a fairly easy way to skin and de-bone a whole salmon. While we may not be in the habit of buying whole salmons, the method should apply to other fish…

Carving and separating a chicken

Gordon shows how to carve a chicken to separate the legs, thighs and wings. And of course how to cut out the breast meat without wasting anything. All the left overs can be used to create a tasty stock.

Preparing prawns

Love prawns but put off because the larger ones always come with shells on? In the next video, Gordon shows you how to quickly remove the shell and the internal sac – which is important because it can affect the flavour. It’s really not as difficult as it looks and the heads and shells can be used to make stock.

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