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Three Great Ginger Recipes For You To Try


We normally associate ginger with Chinese cooking and biscuits. But there is so much more you can do. I have found three great recipes that use the pungent spice…

The first comes from Great British Chefs and is fairly traditional, Ginger snap biscuits – Josh Eggleton

There’s nothing like ginger snap biscuits when having a warm cup of tea or coffee, and Josh Eggleton’s ginger snaps recipe ticks all the boxes for a wonderful biscuit treat. It’s simple to make, there’s no need for special ingredients and most importantly, these ginger snaps are incredibly delicious


The second one comes from Saveur Magazine, Ginger Cookies Dipped in Honey (Yak Kwa)

Deep-fried and then drenched in a honey syrup, yak kwa are a traditional Korean sweet flavored with sesame oil and fresh ginger juice.


The last one is from the ‘Take A Bite Out Of Boca’ blog, Ginger Roasted Vegetables

These Ginger Roasted Vegetables were inspired by a recipe for Maple Ginger Roasted Vegetables with Pecans I found on Food and Wine. I just wanted to keep it simple though, so I got rid of the maple syrup and pecans and just roasted up lots of yummy veggies and tossed ’em with some ginger for some really great flavor. Ginger is a very versatile spice. It’s awesome in Asian-style dishes, gives a nice little punch of spice in desserts, and pretty much complements everything from fish to pork.


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