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Three Exciting Potato Salads You Need To See!


Potato salad is the quick and easy side dish that everyone loves to put on the table in the summer. Goes great with BBQ meat, fish and grilled veggies. It’s one of those versatile recipes that takes minutes to make and everyone likes. What could be simpler that boiling some spuds, drain and tip into a bowl then add mayo and a finely chopped herb you found in your cupboard. Don’t forget to season before serving!

But could you do better? Are there more interesting and creative ideas other than the standard potato salad recipe we are all used to?

Of course there are, and these three recipes are the best ones I’ve found so far…

Korean potato salad (gamja salad) – Two Red Bowls

…this is Korean potato salad, or the very delicious way you’ll sometimes find potato salad served as banchan in Korean restaurants. It’s almost as if mashed potatoes and regular potato salad decided they wanted to lend the best of themselves to a hybrid — there’s plenty of mayonnaise and a little bit of acid, as in your typical potato salad, but the potatoes are mashed rather than left in chunks, and then mixed together with vegetables…

Scandi Dill Potato Salad With Flaked Hot Smoked Salmon – Glamorous Glutton

Our dill potato salad was never fancy, occasionally it might have some left over pork in it and on very rare occasions crisped up smoked salmon skin, bought incredibly cheaply from the deli and simply fried in strips to add salt and smoke to the salad. With that in mind and smoked salmon skin seemingly very hard to buy, I added flakes of hot smoked salmon to this dill potato salad to give that delicious smoky flavour and to make this either a main dish or a side.

Creamy Horseradish Potato Salad W/ Pickled Shallots & Dill – Dolly and Oatmeal

…here’s a very specific potato salad that really makes my tastebuds grin, and that’s a mildly creamy, kinda tangy, and crunchy potato salad. this time around i riffed gjelina’s version and made an everyday, vegan version made with cultured coconut yogurt flavored with a pungent kick of horseradish, some good dijon and dill. and paired with pickled shallots for some mega crunch and sharp flavor.

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