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These Summer Spring Rolls Are The Prettiest Things You’ll See This Summer!

summer spring rolls

If you like your food to look really pretty then you’re going to love these summer spring rolls, as featured in the video below. Food blogger Alyssia Sheikh from Mind Over Munch is in front of the camera and if you like her style and ideas then you can see more from her own her own YouTube channel.

I love the way Alyssia has taken the idea of wrapping things up with rice paper and used it with veggies, meat and fruit. As rice paper is fairly transparent, it allows the insides to show through. Take a look at the fruit version and you’ll see what I mean, thin slices of kiwi fruit and strawberries showing through the thin covering. For the creative people out there,  go mad with your own patterns and colour combinations and come up with your own beautiful looking summer spring rolls!


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