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The Spanish ‘Onion & Tomato’ Vegan Dish That Everyone Is Talking About

vegan meal spain

It’s all over Facebook right now, that very disappointing vegan meal that was served in a Spanish restaurant.  Sisters Gabbie Jarvis, 17, and Georgia Jarvis, 19, who are both from Leeds, checked with the staff at the restaurant that vegan food was available. What was actually served to Georgina Jarvis (after refusing a vegan pizza made with egg) was a plate of raw onions and tomatoes.

Of the many comments I’ve seen, many say that the sisters were expecting too much and were lucky to get anything. Others said that they were just being ‘very picky’.

In my view, the ‘dish’ that was served was totally unimaginative, just a desperate attempt to present something. With so many exciting vegan recipes out there, they could’ve done so much better!

For more on the story, Outraged vegan given plate of raw onions and tomatoes after ordering meal in Costa del Sol.

If you were a chef in that kitchen, what would you have served instead? Love to hear your ideas…

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