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Small Objects Of Desire – The Cupcakes Of Instagram!

cupcakes of instagram

In my continued efforts to make you smile when it’s oh-so-horrible’ outside, I bring you some of the loveliest cupcakes of Instagram! They are gorgeous, cleverly made and very desirable! There’s just so many toppings and flavours. If you’re not feeling hungry after checking them out, then there’s something very wrong!

Let me know what you think of them in the comments below.

A photo posted by Натали (@bears.cakes) on

A video posted by SWEETS™ (@sweets.tm) on

A photo posted by wiltoncakes (@wiltoncakes) on

A photo posted by Cwl kitchen (@cwl_kitchen) on

A photo posted by Alberto Dessì (@albert.dessi) on

A photo posted by Cuppin’s (@cuppins_ch) on

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