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‘The Cool Side Of Summer’, The Essential Collection Of Italian Frozen Treats

Cool super summer recipes

The lovely Manuela from Manu’s Menu has published her first ebook – The Cool Side Of Summer. It’s a collection of her own recipes aimed to keep you cool during the hot weather. As the talented Manu is from Italy, the book contains authentic recipes that you can make. It’s also at a great price, $11.99 – that’s around £7.70 or €10.83 (exchange rates vary from day to day).

[UPDATE: Things get better! Manu has just emailed to let me know the price is now set at  $9.99 – works out to around £6.41 or €9.03]

This bit is from her description of how the ebook came to be…

I grew up in Italy, where gelato plays a very important part at social gatherings and friends get-togethers. During the hot summer months, it’s very hard to resist the urge to enter one of the innumerable gelaterie and get out of it with a delicious ice cream cone (or cup… or brioche!) in your hands. And with a big smile on your face!

I wrote this eBook after overwhelming requests from readers for ice cream, semifreddo, sorbets and granita recipes. I have a few recipes on the blog already and they have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world!

The cookbook contains 25 recipes of her favourite frozen treats, including…

Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, semifreddo, sorbet, granita, popsicles…I’ve got them all. Italian classics like Milk Gelato, Lemon Sorbet, Mint Granita. But also international flavours like Cookies & Cream Frozen Yogurt, Chai Banana Ice Cream, Rose Milk Popsicles

It’s a fabulous book that you really shouldn’t miss. Here’s an example of one of the recipes…

grapefuit and vodka granitaDon’t miss out on what could be the best recipe collection for keeping cool this summer! Visit her site for details on how to buy the ebook and more on what’s inside…


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