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The Amazing Watermelon Keg You’ll Want For Your Summer Parties!


This video for a watermelon keg comes from the Food Network, and what a brilliant idea it is too! It’s also fairly simple to create. Take one large watermelon and mush up the insides. Pour out the contents through a sieve to ensure you are leaving the seeds etc behind. Then, pour it back in with your own selection of grown up alcoholic beverages.

watermelon keg

Obviously you can leave out the alcohol if you want to use it at kids parties or if you’re just not in to boozy watermelons!

I guess you’re thinking, yeah great idea but where I can I get the tap from? Don’t panic as I have done the research for you! After a bit of a search I found this kit on Amazon. The ‘Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit‘ which contains everything you’ll need to get you going.

The reviews seem to be mostly positive though there are one or two who have experienced problems. On the whole though, it looks to be worth getting. Now all you have to do is find a big enough watermelon!!

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