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Take Your Packet Noodles To The Next Level With This Miso Ramen Noodle Recipe

packet noodles

I love packet noodles, quick to make and very easy to embellish. I often stir fry ginger, chillies and garlic then add the soften packet noodles. For that extra flavour, a big splash of soy sauce. Great for lunch but if you fancy noodles for dinner then you can add carrot, sweet corn and even finely sliced cabbage. I like to use bok choy when I can, I often find it at my local bi-weekly market. Thinly sliced meat like chicken or pork goes nicely with it too. Packet noodles are certainly versatile and very quick when you’re in a rush.

To demonstrate how you can take packet noodles and make something special with them, I thought I would check out YouTube for a suitable video.

Then I came across this one from ‘Cooking With Dog‘ and knew I had found the right one! The Japanese lady doing the hard work is unnamed but her words are translated and appear on screen. However, the actual presenter is…  a poodle called Francis! He speaks in English with an accented deep voice, not something you would imagine a poodle would have.

This episode is part of a series called, ‘Cooking with a dog’. The lady chef’s are always unname and Francis presents each one…

While the video is quirky and fun, it actually borders on the bizarre. How did they get the dog to sit still for so long? Why call a Japanese dog Francis? If you’re smiling while watching the dog’s reactions, just wait until the end!

Do leave a comment below, love to read your reactions to this video…

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