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The Amazing Watermelon Keg You’ll Want For Your Summer Parties!

https://www.facebook.com/FoodNetwork/videos/10154479251801727/?sw_fnr_id=365012519 This video for a watermelon keg comes from the Food Network, and what a brilliant idea it is too! It’s also fairly simple to create. Take one large watermelon and mush up the insides. Pour out the contents through a sieve to ensure you are leaving the seeds etc behind. Then, pour it back […]

Stay Cool In The Heat With Tequila and Watermelon Summer Time Drink

A slice of watermelon is one of things that can always cool you down and make you feel refreshed – just like that. A tiny bit of magic on a hot summers day. So how well will it do with a dash of tequila? This recipe for Tequila and Watermelon comes via the New York Times. […]

Watermelon cocktail with vodka, fresh and entertaining!

I couldn’t resist posting this, not exactly a cocktail but the flavours look wonderful. As water melons are still popular on the markets this should be a cheap and easy cocktail to make. All you need is some patience. It’s nice to see a recipe that actually uses something other than a slice of lemon […]