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Need A Courgette Recipe? Try This Fab Lasagne Dish!

Are you desperately searching around for a good courgette recipe? No matter what you call it, Zucchini or even summer squash, it’s one of those ingredients that needs an imaginative recipe. So perhaps this idea from Waitrose (presented by Silvana Franco) will help you use them up, especially if you’ve been growing your own. This is almost […]

Food Fight! Which Of These Sausage Recipes Do You Think Is Best?

What’s a food fight you may ask, especially when it comes to sausage recipes? Well, at this time of year, a lovely British banger is exactly what you need. It may be raining outside, or possibly snowing but everything is made better with a lovely meaty sausage! The question is though, how best to cook them? I’ve selected […]

Plum and Almond Cake

I did a spot of baking last week for my Mum as she was having some friends over for tea. I never need asking twice when it comes to trying out new baking recipes so I was very excited to be able to try a couple of new cakes. The one I’ve chosen for today is a recipe for […]

Strawberry ripple shortbread slice

As I write this post the sun has disappeared and the heavens have well and truly opened. It’s bucketing it down out there but I am convinced that sometime soon (optimism at its very best) we WILL get the summer that we should be in the middle of right now. So I will battle on […]

The Simple And Easy To Make Rosti

The thing about Rosti’s is that they basically rely on a single ingredient, the potato. That makes them easy and very simple to make. However the doesn’t stop you from experimenting. Serve them with a salad or a fried or poached egg on top. The Rosti originated in Switzerland and is considered to be the […]

Zingy Pineapple Salsa

We tend to think of fruit as an ingredient for a dessert but today’s recipe is for a zingy pineapple salsa which would make a great accompaniment for a meat dish such as pork chops or may be a fish dish. This is quick and easy to put together as seen in the following video. […]