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Pineapple-Basil Vodka: The New Star Of Summertime Drinks!

It’s time to talk about summer drinks, considering just how warm it’s now becoming. I walked around my local market this morning and it was already over 20c. Anyway, I’ve come across a drink that I think will become very popular this summer season. It’s name reflects the ingredients used – Pineapple-Basil Vodka. Well ok it’s […]

Serve Your Loved One A Chocolate Martini This Valentine’s Day

To make a really romantic Valentine’s Day home cooked experience, you need to ensure you have all the bases covered. Not just a fancy dessert or a great main course, but drinks as well. How about a chocolate martini? One that has a decorated rim to show off  the chocolate milk, which happens to have […]

Flirtini Cocktail – Get Into The Mood This Valentine’s Day!

This week we have featured a few recipes for you to think about making for your Valentine tomorrow. To go with the sweet and savoury dishes why not start with a Flirtini cocktail to really get you in the mood for all that lovely food you will be serving up? It’s a vodka based cocktail […]

Get cherry picking!

This month cherries are in abundance but they have a very short growing season so now’s the time to get to your local market or supermarket and buy yourself a few punnets. They are a very versatile fruit going well with meats and for making desserts plus they are an excellent source of both Vitamin A and […]