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Indian Week: Aubergine curry

Yes this is a recipe for a curry. However it is one that vegetarians can enjoy as well as any one else who likes aubergines. The secret to this dish is in the preparation, getting the spices toasted to release their flavours. Don’t forget that you can still buy your aubergines from your local market. […]

Jamie Oliver’s Barbecue Sweet Corn

Barbecue season is often thought of as burgers, sausages and other meats. That’s all very well but let’s not forget those who are vegetarian. To be honest, even though I eat meat, these barbecued sweet corns are lovely and wonderful and the colours just inspire. Vegetarian or not, barbecued sweet corn would make a great addition […]

Moussaka with a twist

Despite Greece’s financial problems, they are in the Olympics and currently 62nd place with 2 medals. Which I guess is better than last with no medals. Anyway, if I asked you what their national dish was I am sure you would know – Moussaka! Well I have found a recipe from Delia Smith, the once renowned TV […]