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Gordon Ramsay’s Meat Free Recipes For Summer & Beyond

Though Gordon Ramsay doesn’t seem to rate vegetarian food too highly, he has produced some really great meat free recipes. Some of which are more than suitable for summer eating. I’ve found three dishes that I’m sure most vegetarians would be more than happy to eat. Though I’d bet even meat eaters wouldn’t say no […]

Fabulous Vegetarian Christmas Dishes Even A Meat Eater Would Love

Can you really enjoy a vegetarian Christmas dinner? Yep, of course you can! From what I can see, celebrity chefs are bringing to the fore some really exciting dishes. I’m not expecting Gordon Ramsay to put out a vegetarian cook book any time soon though. However, people like Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith have come […]

Inspiring Ideas For Your Vegetarian Christmas Menu!

How are you getting on with planning a vegan or vegetarian Christmas? Have you got family members or friends who are leading a meat-free lifestyle? Are you having trouble deciding what to cook for them? Well, I’ve been researching the Intertubes and along the way I found some inspiration I think you’re gonna like. I’m not […]

5 Amazing Meat Free BBQ Recipes You Should Be Cooking This Summer!

When it comes to BBQ’s, it can be very easy to ignore the various vegetarian options. The common misconception is that vegan and vegetarian recipes are boring, lentils and beans are always involved and often lacking in flavour. Not everyone wants to eat meat all the time and for those who have made it a way of life, it can be […]

Why The Fuss Over Hasselback Potatoes? One Video And Three Great Recipes That Explain All!

Have you heard of the term ‘Hasselback’ before? I’m sure you’ve seen Hasselback potatoes mentioned by various posh foodie sites and magazines but do you know what that actually means and where the term comes from? And why are foodies so excited by them? The original term ‘Hasselback’ comes from luxurious Hasselbacken hotel and restaurant in Stockholm. […]

Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes – Vegan Or Vegetarian, The Choice Is Yours!

Today I want to share an absolute fantastic recipe that everyone here loved… and Clint wished I had made more! This vegetarian main or side dish can easily be made vegan by removing the cheese. Easy to adapt for anyone. And really, this encompasses all of my favourite flavours: tex-mex style. All of those classic […]

It’s Time You Made Your Own Mayonnaise! Here’s how…

Stop buying those big jars of mayonnaise. It’s time you got in to the kitchen and made you own! It easier than you think, you can control what goes in it and best of all – the satisfaction that you made it yourself! If you are new to making your own mayo then this video […]

Bean Balls

What on earth are bean balls I hear you cry! Well, whilst looking for a recipe to post for today I came across a blog from a fellow cookery enthusiast called A Wee Bit of Cooking. This site is written by a lady called Wendy who lives in the Highlands of Scotland. She has some […]

Carrot, Cumin and Kidney Bean Burger

BBQ season is still in full swing but what if you fancy something a little different with a vegetarian twist? Today’s recipe for carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers comes from a blogger called Jack that we found via greatbritishchefs.com. Amazingly these burgers can be made for a miniscule 9p per burger – great for those on a […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Easy Vegetable Curry

Although Spring should really be on its way we have been having another cold spell here in the East of England. So what better way to warm yourself up than with this Easy Vegetable Curry from chef Gordon Ramsay. Using fresh vegetables, herbs and spices this would be great served with rice or simply on […]