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How To Carve, 7 Great Videos Show You How

You’ve spent a long time cooking that perfect roast. However, whose going to be carving it up?  If it looks like you’ll be the one wielding the knife then you better check out these videos. Knowing how to carve is an important skill whether you’re having pork, chicken, turkey or beef. Making the right cuts and getting the most out […]

An American Thanksgiving Part 2 | Let’s Talk Turkey!

It’s that time again in the United States! It’s time for Stuffing, Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, and all things poultry. It’s time to talk turkey! During our last time together, we learned that surprisingly, turkey was not on the menu during the first Thanksgiving. More than likely, it was a mix of fowl, ducks, geese, venison […]

The First American Thanksgiving Believed to Be A Seafood Feast!

I love Thanksgiving. It’s one day without gifts, without much fanfare; one day for friends and family to come together, eat a wonderful meal, and just be thankful for the blessings of the year and loved ones around them. It seems odd that we need an official day to do that, however, I’m “thankful” for it. […]

Simple To Make Yummy Turkey Burgers

This recipe was originally sent in as part of #FoodBloggerFriday but it’s too good to wait! It comes from Sarah at Get A Room With Food blog, a lovely turkey burger recipe for your barbecues. Well, any time of the year really… Most of the ingredients should already be in your cupboards so no racing […]