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Cooking With Greek Yoghurt: Popsicles, Breakfast & Cakes!

I’m pretty sure that most people are really not that sure of what to do with Greek Yoghurt. Sure you can make Tzatziki,  even salad dressings but is that it? There’s a load of things you can make, ranging from cakes to ice lollies! Lets take a look at some of the fantastic ideas on offer […]

Now You Can Have Your Cookie Dough And Eat It!

There’s something about cookie dough, we just love to eat it before it’s actually used to make cookies! If your dream is to be able to go out and buy a cup or cone full of the stuff, then your dream has come true. Well, it has if you live in NYC that is. A new […]

Scary Halloween Treats For The Little Ghouls In Your Life!

Halloween is a great time for grown-ups, especially for those who love to cook! It’s a fab excuse to get in the kitchen and be at your creative best. Kids love it because they get to eat the scary stuff you’ve made! There’s plenty of great recipes out there and this site has mentioned plenty of them. You […]

How To Make Perfect Popcorn For Great Movie Nights At Home

So you’re getting ready for a movie night at home. The film is all queued up and ready to go.  The room is darkened, the drinks are at the ready and the treats have been placed in to suitable receptacles. I don’t mean any old treat, the only thing you should be snacking on during […]

10 Great Recipes That You Can Make For Mother’s Day

Don’t get stuck for Mother’s Day! There’s plenty of things you could make for that special day. The fact that you eve tried to make something would be really appreciated. To help you out I’ve found some really great treats that range from the simple to make to difficult to do. The following videos will show […]

Celebrate International Bacon Day, 11 Fabulous Ideas For You To Try

Today, August 31st is – International Bacon Day!! And we have the residents of Crag (Bedford, Massachusetts) to thank for that. It was their idea back in 2000. We want to celebrate bacon too by sharing with you some really top ideas that use bacon as the star ingredient. Here are 11 inspired bacon recipes […]

5 Great Ice Cream Treats You’ll Want To Try At Home

Looks like it’s going to be a warm weekend for many, those who are lucky enough will be having a relaxing BBQ and enjoying a glass of something nice. However, can anything beat a bowl of ice cream? Right now, there are food bloggers out there sharing fantastic ideas involving ice cream. Super flavours, simple […]

‘The Cool Side Of Summer’, The Essential Collection Of Italian Frozen Treats

The lovely Manuela from Manu’s Menu has published her first ebook – The Cool Side Of Summer. It’s a collection of her own recipes aimed to keep you cool during the hot weather. As the talented Manu is from Italy, the book contains authentic recipes that you can make. It’s also at a great price, […]

Halloween Week: Scary Treats Kids Will Actually Love

Our friend Alison, who runs Dragons and Fairy Dust blog, has posted some great halloween recipes. I’ve been cruising the web looking for the best recipes to bring to your attention but they all seem to be overly complicated. Alisons selection look fairly easy to make and will definitely appeal to children. Actually there are […]

Valentines Round Up, Great Recipes from Food Bloggers

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day, have you sorted out what you will be cooking? As you still have time to do some shopping, we thought we would take a look at some great recipes from fellow food bloggers and other places. Lots of great ideas to be had, time to get pen and paper ready and […]