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How To Make Your Own Bubble Waffles At Home!

Back at the beginning of March I posted a video about a new food fad, Hard To Resist And Totally Outrageous Bubble Waffles! Boy did they look good and considering how many people looked at that post, it was something you guys really liked! So I’m guessing that you dear reader would love to know how to […]

A Great Brazilian Treat For Valentine’s Day – Brigadeiro de Cerveja

For Valentine’s Day, test out your cooking skills by making this lovely Brazilian treat called Brigadeiro de Cerveja (Beer Brigadeiros). If you have the patience and want to impress your loved one on Valentine’s Day itself, this is one recipe you really should have a go at making. It will be worth the effort! The food blogger […]

From the frugal chef – Banana Sultana pancakes

One thing we have not mentioned in quite some time, if at all, is pancakes. For this recipe, we visit again that great source for frugal cooking, “A Girl Called Jack”. Last time we looked at her recipe for Carrot, Cumin and Kidney Bean Burger’s. Not everyone is blessed with a food budget to buy exactly […]

Make your own doughnuts with Paul Hollywood

On Friday we left you with news of  Paul Hollywood and his up and coming TV program. Today we stay with Paul and take a look at his recipe for doughnuts. It was featured on the  BBC programme The Great British Bake Off which also featured Mary Berry. Doughnuts have long been the favourite of […]