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Stop Buying Tortillas, It’s Time You Started Making Your Own!

There are only a few good reasons for buying ready made food items from supermarkets, time saving is one of them and cost possibly the other. However, I like the idea that if I had the time I could actually make those items myself. Well, it might end up costing a little more but I will have learned new skills […]

How To Wrap A Tortilla Like A Pro

Do you suffer from ‘tortilla fallout’? That’s when you think you have successfully encompassed the filling but it falls out when you try to eat it. Not good, especially if you’re not using a plate and it ends up in your lap! Obviously, not using too much filling helps but being able to wrap so […]

Tortilla Soup With Chipotle, Beans & Sweetcorn

Today’s recipe for tortilla soup with chipotle, beans and sweetcorn is more than just a soup – it’s crammed full of texture and packs a punch with the fiery Mexican flavour. It calls for chipotle and for those of you who are a little unsure as to what this is here’s a little low-down for […]

Smashed avacado with crispy chicken

I refuse to come to terms with the fact it’s almost September and that horrible feeling of autumn being just around the corner. It’s still the summer so let’s celebrate with this wonderful recipe for smashed avacado with crispy chicken, pickled onions and tortillas. This recipe is both colourful and flavourful and is great for picnics, […]

Father’s Day: Tortilla Towers

Are you stuck for ideas as to what to cook for your Dad this Father’s Day? Will you be making a good old fashioned roast with all the trimmings or will you be trying something a little different to impress him this year? If you are looking for a meal with a difference then why not […]