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Top Barbecue Tips and Tricks You Should Know

If you’re planning on some out-door grilling this weekend then these top barbecue tips and tricks are just what you need.  From getting the best out of chicken with brine, to getting the BBQ coal to the right temperature and in the right place – three great videos with plenty of great advice! If you have […]

How To Cook The Perfect Steak With Donald Russell

Donald Russell is a fine purveyor of meats, poultry and fish. Just take a look at their website and online store and see their huge range of products. They also have really good video guides on cooking. In fact, quite possibly some of the best. I’ve included one of their videos below, head chef Stefan Kölsch’s cooking one of […]

Essential Summer Time Foodie Tricks You Should Know

Lifehacker has put together a bunch of their tips, tricks and more in to a YouTube playlist. Want to know how to make melon smoothies with a drill? How to cook a whole chicken on a BBQ? Click play below and be impressed! Also featured are tips for… Deseed a pomegranate in seconds with a […]

How to use your pestle and mortar

I am sure many people have a pestle and mortar in their kitchen. But are you getting the best out of it? I picked up a really nice one in the recent sales and to make sure I was using it correctly I decided to find a video. Jamie Oliver has quite a selection of […]

How to cook great pasta

It’s Saturday which means cooking tips day! In this video, Jamie Oliver shares his tips on how to cook great pasta. While it seems like an easy thing to do, how many times has it come out sticky and ‘heavy’ looking? Hopefully this video will help you create great pasta time and time again. If […]