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Need A Courgette Recipe? Try This Fab Lasagne Dish!

Are you desperately searching around for a good courgette recipe? No matter what you call it, Zucchini or even summer squash, it’s one of those ingredients that needs an imaginative recipe. So perhaps this idea from Waitrose (presented by Silvana Franco) will help you use them up, especially if you’ve been growing your own. This is almost […]

Three Great Spinach Recipes You Need To See Right Now

How many spinach recipes do you know? Perhaps you’ve been to your local market and saw see a big bunch of leafy spinach. My bet is that you totally ignored it and grab something else. If you gave it a miss because you’re not sure what to do with it, then allow me to educate […]

Inspiring Ideas For Your Vegetarian Christmas Menu!

How are you getting on with planning a vegan or vegetarian Christmas? Have you got family members or friends who are leading a meat-free lifestyle? Are you having trouble deciding what to cook for them? Well, I’ve been researching the Intertubes and along the way I found some inspiration I think you’re gonna like. I’m not […]

Summer Strawberry Spinach Salad with Stuffed Squash Blossoms

  “Salad can get a bad rap. People think of bland and watery Iceberg lettuce, but in fact, salads are an art form, from the simplest rendition to a colorful kitchen-sink approach.” ~ Marcus Samuelsson I’m a lover of all things vegetable. I especially love to create recipes from the farm with ingredients a little […]

Cauliflower For Breakfast? Check This Out Before Saying No!

I love cauliflower, I use it in curries, Chinese dishes and quite often have it with a thick cheese sauce. But the idea of serving it for breakfast has never struck me as something I would want to do, until now that is. Kim from Cauliflower Eats has submitted her recipe for Sunshine Cauliflower Rice Breakfast Bowl. You’ll notice it […]

Three Special Brunch Ideas Just for Mom

Mother’s Day is not only a celebration honoring one’s own mother, but to also honor motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. I was a “mama’s girl” and think of her often. I remember how the simple things in life made her so happy; shelling peas and snapping beans on the front porch, enjoying pound cake and a […]

5 Grilled Sandwiches You Should Try Right Now

It is safe to say that bread has been around for thousands of years. The idea of turning flour and water in to something edible pre-dates the early Egyptians. It really has been around that long. As much as we would like to think that the Earl Of Sandwich took two slices and some meats and […]

Spinach recipes

I love random facts and have found out that on this day back in 1937 spinach growers in Crystal City, Texas, erected a statue of Popeye! How great is that! So to celebrate this fact I’ve found a couple of tasty recipes which use spinach. Spinach has great nutritional benefits including being rich in antioxidants […]

Spinach and Feta Tart

It’s officially the first day of Spring today! At last! So why not celebrate with this recipe for spinach and feta tart? Great for anyone who is vegetarian. I love Feta cheese – it is such a versatile cheese and can be used in many dishes. This recipe is very easy to make especially if […]

Spinach rarebit melts

Olive is a great magazine for foodies which I occasionally buy for ideas and recipes. This month’s edition has a recipe for spinach rarebit melts which look delicious and are a great idea for a tasty snack – anything with cheese in it is a winner for me! There are many variations for a rarebit but they all involve melted […]