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Gordon Ramsay’s Tandoori Halibut With Raita

It’s Friday so let’s talk about fish, and in particular spicy Tandoori halibut. The last fish recipe I mentioned was Gordon Ramsay’s Ginger Beer Battered Fish And Mushy Peas, which is still proving to be very popular. Well, we’re back with Gordon and this time looking at his recipe for Tandoori Halibut with Raita. Of course, the […]

Three Traditional Mulled Wine Recipes For The Festive Season

When it comes to drinks for Christmas. the first one that comes to mind for most of us is mulled wine. It’s such a traditional drink in the UK that the older versions are now long forgotten, well nearly! I’m sure that most would consider mulled wine as a European invention. However, according to Wikipedia… […]

Comments Wanted: What’s The Best Way To Preserve Chilies?

This weekend past, I visited my local supplier of exotic foods stuffs. I had run low on various things and it was time to stock up. For reasons unknown, chilies are totally absent at my local market. If they do make an appearance then they are very expensive! To ensure that I have a some stock […]

How To Organise Your Herbs And Spices Like A Pro

I love my herbs and spices. My cupboard is currently dominated by Indian and Chinese spices. I even have basil from New Zealand and a small container of Zaatar – Jordanian thyme mix. I try to never run out of cumin and always have chillies stored somewhere. My freezer currently has a two bags of […]

Braised pork with plums

There are many different varieties of plums ranging in colour from green to purple and from sweet to sour. Most of us would probably think of using plums in a dessert recipe or maybe a chutney or jam but I thought I’d find a savoury dish to share with you all today. Braised pork with […]

Make your own flavoured oil

Making your own flavoured oil to use as a dressing or as a marinade doesn’t have to be daunting. Why buy a shop bought one at great expense when it’s much cheaper to create your own special blend? You can infuse oil with just about anything but I’ve listed below some basics to get your […]

Potato Week: A taste of India with Bombay Potatoes

I really love Indian food and like most of Us, I love to dabble and try to cook a recipe for myself. It doesn’t always come out right and never up to Reza Mahammad‘s standards but I do try. One thing I do like to try is this very dish, Bombay Potatoes. So to keep […]