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The Spanish ‘Onion & Tomato’ Vegan Dish That Everyone Is Talking About

It’s all over Facebook right now, that very disappointing vegan meal that was served in a Spanish restaurant.  Sisters Gabbie Jarvis, 17, and Georgia Jarvis, 19, who are both from Leeds, checked with the staff at the restaurant that vegan food was available. What was actually served to Georgina Jarvis (after refusing a vegan pizza […]

Sangria: The Ideal Party Drink For Friends Family And Summer!

Summer for many is a chilled glass of Sangria. Small chunks of fruit with red wine, sugar (or something else sweet like honey) and something to boost the alcohol content, like gin or brandy. Lounging around on the patio with a full glass is what summertime is all about! You can serve the Spanish drink […]

Join The Tapas Revolution!

As the Football Word Cup continues in Brazil, I thought it was time to visit again Tapas recipes from Spain. Sadly Spain are out of the competition but it doesn’t mean that we can take a look at their famous Tapas. Since I last wrote about Tapas, (Tapas Time With Chorizo And Prawns), I’ve been […]

Go Spanish And Try This Tapas Dish, Spicy Prawns With Garlic and Chilli

Have you ever been to Spain and spent time in a Tapas bar? I really like the idea of Tapas, small dishes of flavour that leave you wanting more. They are not meant to be too distracting – they can be eaten so that they form a meal but often as snacks while you enjoy […]

Wine of the month for May: Azabache Crianza 2008

This months wine selection comes from Roger England of WineHound.co.uk. Here’s a fabulous award-winning wine to accompany the Spring lamb & chickpea stew recipe. Riojas are renowned for matching sweet, juicy flavours of many lamb dishes and the Azabache Crianza 2008 (£9.95) does this perfectly. A soft, mellow red made from the local Tempranillo, Garnacha […]

Move over Camembert, here comes Monte Enebro

When it comes to buying cheese, we tend to do it at supermarkets. The French as well represented with Camembert, Brie and the rest. What we don’t see to much of is Spanish cheese. Is it a case that we are not to keen to widen our taste buds? Or do supermarkets think we are […]