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Gennaro’s Three Cheese Spaghetti Dish With Fried Courgettes

We all know just how passionate Gennaro is about food and that he gets easily carried away – he does kinda gabble on a bit. So, for a bit of fun, watch the video below and ensure the auto translated subtitles are on.  You’ll get to enjoy phrases like, “will be the bass on it’s side […]

How To Make Meatballs With Gennaro, Gordon Ramsay & Katy Perry?

Do you make meatballs yourself or buy them in packs in the supermarket? Nothing tastes better than the food you make yourself, so perhaps it’s time you made your own meatballs? If you think you can’t, then see how Gordon Ramsay got on when he tried to get pop star Katy Perry to make them. […]

In A Hurry? Try This Three Ingredient Pasta Dish!

How many ingredients do you actually need to make a lovely pasta dish? If you’re thinking of four or five then think again! This simple recipe from Delish uses just spaghetti, a lemon and parmesan cheese. As in many restricted ingredient recipes, the seasoning doesn’t count. I really like this pasta dish because it’s quick and easy to make. If you’re […]

How To Make A Great Ragù For Your Spaghetti Bolognese

  Spaghetti bolognese is just about everyones favourite. It’s served at top restaurants and loved by students. It’s certainly one of my favourite pasta dishes. You can buy bolognese sauce at supermarkets and your local shops but there’s no reason why you can’t make your own ragù alla bolognese – as the Italians actually call it. In […]

Three Great Pasta Dishes From Three Great Italian Chefs

We all love pasta, from the passionate amateur trying to create something authentic to the student who needs something cheap to eat. Kids love a good spaghetti dish mainly for the mess they can make! What ever the reason, it is and always will be a favourite. We have three great recipes from three great Italian […]

Gennaro’s Spaghetti With Courgette And Three Cheeses

If you love cheese then this spaghetti dish from Gennaro is right up your street. It’s fairly simple to make and really quick too! As ever, he demonstrates his passion for food. He’s also not to shy about his own skills either! As with all Italian dishes, it’s the fresh ingredients that make all the […]

Love Spaghetti? You’ll Love This New Handy Gadget!

How do you know how much spaghetti to cook? Do you get your scales out and weigh it or do you use your eye and go for an approximation? Well, how about using this brand new invention – the Pasta Maestro. I was sent one of these new gadgets to test out and I have […]

Gary Rhodes cream free spaghetti carbonara

In this video, Chef Gary Rhodes cooks an authentic spaghetti carbonara in Italy. It’s a quick and easy Lazio style recipe that results in a lovely dish. Great for an out door evening meal or perhaps even as a light lunch. We often think of a carbonara as having loads of cream and a topping of […]