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Posts tagged soup week 2012

Soup week: Watercress and spinach, a very healthy soup

Today’s recipe comes from Chef Gordon Ramsay. In this video he demonstrates how to create a tasty soup with a lovely colour. Not only that but watercress and spinach is full of iron and vitamin C. Meaning this is a great way to eat healthy. It’s very straight forward but you may want to get everything ready […]

Soup Week: Stilton soup with Parmesan croutons

I absolutely love Stilton soup and have done ever since my Granny made it when I was younger. I asked her for the recipe some time ago now but sadly it seems that this has long since been lost and she couldn’t actually write down for me how to make it. Such a shame. However, […]

Soup Week: English Onion Soup

Our mid-week soup is a delicious English onion soup with Cheddar and sage from the Jamie At Home series. It’s easy to make and is a great way of using up any onions you may have lurking in your vegetable rack or even your home grown onions that you fancy doing something a little different with. […]

Soup Week: The perfect Autumn starter, warm cherry soup

Cherry soup? Now the idea of cherries in a soup may seem strange at first. However, as a starter, it makes perfect sense. It’s simple to make, easy to serve and in my humble opinion – should impress friends and family. As the Autumn days get cooler and the days get shorter, what better way […]

Soup Week: Pea & Pesto Soup

I think soup is great to make in batches and put in the freezer. It makes a quick lunch or snack and is a great way of using really fresh ingredients. This week we are going to feature six different soup recipes. The first of the week is a Nigella Lawson recipe for pea and pesto […]