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Martha Stewart’s Stunning Lemon Soufflés

I found this gorgeous dessert recipe on the Martha Stewart website. It actually uses a lemon as the container for a lemon soufflé, certainly saves on washing up but presentation wise – what a great idea! Looks fantastic and sure to impress when presented to friends and family. I’m sure this  recipe could be adapted for other […]

Smoked Haddock Soufflé with Tomato, Pepper & Olive Sauce

Are you holding a dinner party soon and don’t know what to treat your guests to as a starter? You need look no further because this recipe for smoked haddock soufflé with tomato, pepper and olive sauce looks really great but is surprisingly simple to make. It comes from chef Marcello Tully who is the […]

Strawberry Soufflé with Crumble Topping – could this be the perfect dessert?

It may not be the right time of year for strawberries but how can you resist a dessert like this? Chef Michel Roux Jnr creates a simple yet gorgeous looking way of finishing of any meal. In this recipe, the Chef uses a variety of strawberries called Finesse. Other varieties that would work as well are […]

Only an Italian can make a meal out of beetroot’s, grapefruit juice & anchovy’s

I have never been convinced that beetroot was a vegetable with a purpose. Just think of the preparations it has to go through before we eat it. It’s like some one found it in the ground long, long ago and has been thinking of a good use for it ever since. Well the Italians have made […]

Eat Seasonably with leek & emmental hot cheese soufflé

Nowadays you can get hold of almost any ingredient in the supermarket at any time of year – strawberries in winter, sprouts in summer. Seasons just don’t seem to matter any more. However, if it is out of season in this country it’s likely to have flown many many miles from another country to end up on the […]