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How To Skin A Watermelon – The Very Cool Party Trick!

You’ve probably seen this video in your Facebook news feed, if you did then you know how the trick was done. If you didn’t then yes, it is  trick as you require two watermelons and a spare 10 minutes or so. Despite the fact you can’t really skin a watermelon, it still looks cool when […]

Seafood week: Salmon and crushed potatoes

We kick off our week of seafood with a lovely salmon dish from Chef Gordon Ramsay. The crushed potatoes that he creates looks good enough on it’s own or with a simple salad. As a combination with the salmon and the over baked tomatoes, perfect for any dinner party. So lets take a look at what […]

How to peel a tomato quick and easy

The tomato season is upon us. Markets are full of them, in different colours and sizes. Nothing beats fresh whether you bought them locally or you have grown your own. They are perfect in salads as they are but if you are going to use them in a hot meal, you may want to remove […]