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Seafood week: Parmesan Baked Haddock

Today’s post is not so much as ‘how to make this dish…’, but more of a ‘what a good idea…’, sort of thing. Basically, it’s a different way of doing breaded fish (think of fish fingers) but with out deep frying etc. Chef Steve Binks takes us through a different way to coat the fish […]

Seafood Week: Caldeirada

Firstly you may be wondering what on earth ‘Caldeirada’ is! Well, it’s Portugese monster fish stew – perfect for a cold day to warm you up. This recipe is by The Hairy Bikers taken from the BBC Food website and includes squid, white fish, oily fish, mussels and prawns – hence the name ‘Monster’! It’s great as you can […]

Seafood week: Spaghetti With Crab, Lime And Chilli

This is a fairly straight forward dish to create. As long as you have everything ready before you start you should have no problems at all. The video shows exactly how to make it, though the voice-over-man sounds really boring. Despite that, it’s worth a try just to taste the different flavours. What you will […]

Seafood Week: Fish Pie

Fish Pie is a great dish for lunch or supper and is easy to make. It’s also a good dish to make in bulk and then freeze in portions for when you need something to fall back on. There are many different types of fish and seafood you can use for a fish pie, just use your […]

Seafood week: Salmon and crushed potatoes

We kick off our week of seafood with a lovely salmon dish from Chef Gordon Ramsay. The crushed potatoes that he creates looks good enough on it’s own or with a simple salad. As a combination with the salmon and the over baked tomatoes, perfect for any dinner party. So lets take a look at what […]