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Sausage & Butterbean Casserole With Herby Crumb Topping

Today’s recipe for sausage and butterbean casserole with herby crumb topping is great for a mid-week family supper on a budget. It doesn’t take too long to make and is really filling – a sure fire hit with all the family. The recipe comes from Michelin starred chef Tom Kitchin who you may have seen […]

Rick Stein’s Fennel Sausages With Lemon Potatoes

Are you a Rick Stein fan? Considering that his Turkish spicy lamb flat bread is still trending very well here I guess there’s quite a few! It may well be connected that he is back on telly again in. The new BBC series sees 6 cooks travelling around to find out more about their favourite […]

Posh Bangers & Mash

Bangers and mash is a great dish to serve up to your family and an easy mid-week supper. A good quality sausage is a must and the mash needs to be wonderfully smooth and creamy. How about pepping up traditional bangers and mash by making some pan cooked chutney and livening up the mash with […]

Everyones Favourite, Toad In The Hole

“Toad in the hole” is essentially sausages cooked in batter. It has been an English traditional favourite for hundreds of years. While it may sound a little boring, everything changes when you pour on onion gravy and depending on taste – tomato sauce. The actual name is a little controversial as no one can really […]

Christmas Canapes: Sticky Glazed Sausages

No finger buffet is complete without sausages in my opinion. However, these aren’t just traditional ‘sausages-on-sticks’. These are Sticky Glazed Sausages with a gorgeous spiced cranberry dip – a perfect Christmassy accompaniment. This recipe serves six people, takes 30 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. If you have any of the dip left over […]

Potato Week: Fennel Sausages with Lemon Potatoes

Today’s video comes courtesy of Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes. Although this may sound a bit summery I do think that because it contains potatoes and sausages it would be a rather comforting dish to whip up on these ever increasing cooler days. The most important part of this dish, as mentioned a couple of times in the […]