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Jamie Oliver’s Recipe For Spicy Chilli Sauce!

Yesterday, Jamie Oliver put out a new video recipe for chilli sauce. It obviously caught my attention as I love chillies and love making sauces with them. In my own sauces, I have used vinegar and brown sugar to get that sharp yet slightly sweet taste. Jamie did the same thing but where as I […]

Cauliflower Cheese, Everyone’s Favourite At Any Time Of The Year!

If you are a regular reader here, then you’ll know that I really REALLY like cauliflower! I guess my favourite thing to make with them is cauliflower cheese. Though I got to admit, I do like making a spicy hot curry with them from time to time. However, for today, I’ll be sticking with cauliflower cheese recipes, nice […]

How To Make A Great Ragù For Your Spaghetti Bolognese

  Spaghetti bolognese is just about everyones favourite. It’s served at top restaurants and loved by students. It’s certainly one of my favourite pasta dishes. You can buy bolognese sauce at supermarkets and your local shops but there’s no reason why you can’t make your own ragù alla bolognese – as the Italians actually call it. In […]

How To Make Great Tasting Pasta Sauce With A Box Grater

How long does it take you to make a tomato sauce for spaghetti? Perhaps ten or twenty minutes? Maybe less? What if I said 5 minutes and no cooking was involved? In the video, Justin Chapple from Food & Wine reveals how you can make a pasta sauce using fresh tomatoes and a box grater. Yep, […]

How To Make The Most Delicious Sweet Smokey BBQ Sauce

Oh yes, it’s that time again my dear friends… time to fire up the grill and start barbecuing. We love it here, and typically (as the weather warms up) tend to barbecue three to four nights a week. We love to make pizzas, chicken, dessert, fruit, you name it: we’ve probably done it. Funny story: […]

Make Your Own BBQ Sauce, 5 Great Video’s Show You How!

We have 5 great videos that show you how to make a great barbecue sauce. While you’re watching, count the number of tomato sauce bottles used, the amount of alcohol that’s splashed around and how many of them can actually pronounce ‘Worcestershire’ sauce correctly! Jamie Oliver The BBQ Pit Boys DJ BBQ The Caribbean Pot […]

Bacon Butty’s, Red Sauce Or Brown?

For some reason, Saveur Magazine has become all excited about bacon. It ended 2014 with ‘Bacon and Egg Pie‘ and started 2015 with ‘Bacon Butty‘. Very commendable that they are mentioning something Us Brit’s have been eating for so long. After all, did we not invent the ‘bacon butty’? We’ve not been shy when it […]

Looking For A Cranberry Sauce Recipe For Your Thanksgiving?

Seeing as its Thanksgiving for our American friends on the 27th of this month (Thursday), I thought I would mention a blog post that I came across. In general, Us Brits are not really into cranberry sauce though I do remember having it a few times at family Christmases. The post in question, found on Food […]

Tzatziki, Learn To Make Your Own Fab Greek Dip

As far as I am concerned, Tzatziki is to Greek food as Mango chutney is to Indian. I love it with lamb or chicken and have in the past used it as an alternative to mayonnaise. If you are filling pitta bread or looking for something to go with Gyro then Tzatziki is the perfect […]

How to make the perfect cheese sauce

One of the many pleasures in life is cauliflower with cheese sauce. What makes it special is the sauce, using a lovely deep flavoured cheese and ensuring it’s silky smooth and lump free. The traditional way of creating a cheese sauce is to start with a roux, that is melted butter and flour mixed to a paste […]