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Mojito! Essential Summertime Ideas!

It’s time to talk about Mojito, the summertime beverage that was born in Havana, Cuba. Yes I know it’s a Monday and talking about Alcoholic drinks this early in the week might seem strange. But are we not all all adults here and fully aware of the need to drink responsibly? Besides it’s summer and sitting outside enjoying […]

Rum And Coconut Flavoured Pineapple Fritters, A Rather Tempting Dessert!

Here’s a great recipe for you to try out this coming weekend, coconut and pineapple fritters! The boys from Sorted Food create a light tempura batter with added desiccated coconut. The ingredients are simple and the results are delightful! For added flavour, the pineapple is soaked in rum and brown sugar. The tempura is made from flour […]

Drunken Banana Cobbler – A Great Guest Post by Kim Williams

    It’s Sunday. I’m home alone.  What to do, what to do? I meander through the house, stumble into the kitchen and I spot them.  Overripe bananas! I could make banana bread but that is so cliche!  I look around the room, and bam!  An unopened bottle of Original Spiced Captain Morgan rum.  I […]

Festive Friday: Eggnog

When I was young my parents would make themselves Eggnog as a special festive drink. I have always considered it a Christmas cocktail but sadly,  it seems not to be fashionable any more. Well let’s change that! Let’s bring back some of the older Christmas drinks this year, Eggnog is a perfect start because not only […]

Halloween week: Shrunken heads in cider, with Martha Stewart

Kids will have fun carving scary heads out of apples but I think is really something for the adults. I advise this as cider is in use and the recipe does suggest spiced rum as an addition. So keep out of reach from children, give it to the grown ups so that the whole of […]