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Try Something Different, Veal Kidneys with Roquefort And Walnut Butter

Livers and kidneys are not to everyones taste. Many seem to class them as offal and therefore untouchable. However, I have found a fondness for chicken livers. Especially when cooked with lardons, chili’s and a slight dash of sherry vinegar. a great Spanish flavour. Kidneys are not often the star of a dish, they get ‘matched […]

Michel Roux’s Hot Pears with Roquefort And Walnuts

I know it’s not the season for pears, though you can get them from your local supermarket but this dish has Roquefort in it! Besides, as Michel Roux says, “…this dish can be served as a dessert, cheese course or even as a starter…“. How flexible is that! This is a fairly simple recipe to […]

Roquefort cheese

Roquefort cheese is one of the ingredients featured in today’s recipe following on from the post of yesterday for a great offer from Pong Cheese. Roquefort is fantastic and is one of my absolute favorite cheeses (I do love my cheese!). It’s a semi-soft, crumbly, white cheese with blue-green veins and a sweet, tangy flavour from the South of France […]