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Impress Your Dinner Party Guests With Roasted Pears, Brie & Pistachios

Here’s something lovely to do with pears and cheese, it’s rather easy to do but involves little fuss. This idea from ‘EatingWell.com’ combines simple ingredients that you would never thought to bring together. Once you do though, you’ll want to do it again! Nothing else to say other than watch the video, full recipe is here… Roasted […]

How To Get The Perfect Christmas Roast Chicken, Turkey Or Goose

When it comes to cooking a chicken, turkey or goose for Christmas, you’ve got to know how to get them ready for the oven. After all, you want your Christmas roast with moist meat and full of flavour! Each bird requires it’s own particular preparation. That’s mainly due to the denseness of the meat and the fat […]

Christmas Roast Potato Recipes You Need To Know

A traditional Christmas dinner requires perfectly cooked roast potatoes – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Of course, each chef and cook have their own ideas of how spuds should be prepared and cooked. What’s important at the end of the day is how good they taste. Flavour plays a huge part in the […]

A Traditional Southern New Year!

Wow. 2016. The older I get, the faster the hands seem to spin on the clock. My children are grown, my grandchildren are growing, and the one thing I feel like I’m losing, is the one thing I can never get back. Time. SO. For 2016, I have developed a plan. A master plan. A […]

How To Make Perfect Gravy, Five Great Videos That Show You How!

We Brits love gravy. Going to have a Sunday roast? Fill up the gravy boat and get the Yorkshire puds ready! Though, I would be quite happy to have mine served in a pint glass, yum… Everyone seems to have their own ideas on how to make great gravy. I’ve found 5 great video’s from top chefs […]

Spuds, Honey, Feta Cheese And A Handful Of Nuts

I am very in to cashew nuts at the moment, especially when put with pork and mushrooms in a sweet and sour Chinese. So while I was taking a look at my favourite cooking sites, I came across a recipe by food blogger Chris at Cooking Around the World – Honey Roasted Potatoes with Feta […]

Easter roast – Moroccan style leg of lamb

One of the traditions of Easter is a big family get together with a big roast. We are already in Lent where fasting is supposed to take place. So by Easter Sunday we are all going to be starving! If you are not already full of chocolate bunnies then a big roast with all the […]