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Pea and Ham Orzo, Like Risotto Only Better!

There’s nothing better than fresh peas, frozen or straight from your garden. The question is, what are you going to do with them? The standard answer is, pea and ham soup. However, with some imagination you can do a lot more. How about a risotto that’s not really a risotto? Especially when it takes half […]

Gennaro’s Authentic Italian Sausage Risotto

Have you ever tried making risotto with sausage meat? Sausage Risotto is something I’ve wanted to try but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. This great video from Gennaro Contaldo demonstrates how it’s done. And I must say, I never thought of making the risotto with the sausage meat right at the start. He […]

Stunning Rice Dishes That You Will Want To Cook!

As it’s rice week, I thought these three amazing dishes should be brought to your attention. They’ve been created by experienced and talented food bloggers. Their ideas show that there’s a heck of alot more you can do with rice than simply boiling it and plonking it on a plate. You may think of it of as a […]

Not Tried Halloumi Yet? These Recipes Will Show You What You’re Missing!

Halloumi cheese is one those things you heard about but perhaps never got round to trying. Today I’m hoping to fix that! However, we should take a look and find out what Halloumi is exactly. According to the ever helpful Wikipedia Halloumi is, “…a semi-hard, unripened brined cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and […]

Carrot & Lemon Thyme Risotto

Carrots are grown throughout the year here in the UK and are a great source of beta-carotene, are high in fibre and low in calories. They are also apparently eco-friendly so let’s do our bit for the environment and take a look at a great recipe which incorporates this crunchy, orange vegetable with a dish […]

Gennaro On Friday: Classic Italian Risotto with Strawberry & Balsamic

As far as I can see, and I have watched quite a few videos and TV programs, Gennaro Contaldo is the most animated and passionate chef ever! I know that he is Italian and that gives him an advantage but even so, is there anyone quite like him? So, if you have made it to Friday […]

Seared scallops on pea and mint risotto

It’s nearly the end of June but peas are still at their best. Did you know that a cup of peas contains more protein than one egg? Now there’s a fact for you! Today’s recipe is for seared scallops on a pea and mint risotto – delicious! Before we go on to the recipe here’s a […]

Italian week: Gennaro Contaldo cooks a mushroom risotto

If you have watched Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at Home TV series then you would’ve seen Gennaro Contaldo making the odd appearance. He has had his own TV programs and also cooked on Saturday Kitchen. For more, take a look at Gennaro’s Wikipedia page. In this clip, we see Gennaro cooking a lovely looking risotto. His enthusiasm shows through as […]