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Jamie Oliver’s Roasted Salmon Tail With Sunshine Salad

Roasted salmon tail might not come across as a summer dish but once you’ve seen the final product, you’ll want to try it! The salmon is flavoured with green tea, garlic and sesame oil – an unusual selection of seasoning for this kind of fish. However, it does sound rather exciting! The salad can be […]

Korean Beef And Rice – Great Asian Flavours For Any Day Of The Week

I love food that’s simple to make and packs great flavour, that’s why I’m sharing this lovely Korean Beef and Rice dish. It comes from The Six Sister’s Stuff blog, which features posts that are actually from 6 related sisters! I came across the video and recipe via my Facebook feed and immediately wanted to give […]

How To Cook Perfect Rice Time After Time

How good are you at cooking perfect rice? Does it come out right time after time? Chef Jet Tila (whose full name is actually Jet Tilakamonkul) knows how to cook rice, he is chef of two US restaurants and has appeared on many TV programs – like Iron Chef America. So he should know what he’s […]

Gennaro’s Authentic Italian Sausage Risotto

Have you ever tried making risotto with sausage meat? Sausage Risotto is something I’ve wanted to try but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. This great video from Gennaro Contaldo demonstrates how it’s done. And I must say, I never thought of making the risotto with the sausage meat right at the start. He […]

Stunning Rice Dishes That You Will Want To Cook!

As it’s rice week, I thought these three amazing dishes should be brought to your attention. They’ve been created by experienced and talented food bloggers. Their ideas show that there’s a heck of alot more you can do with rice than simply boiling it and plonking it on a plate. You may think of it of as a […]

Rice Week: Do It Better With A Pressure Cooker!

  Did you know it’s rice week this week? Far as I can tell, it’s an international celebration that, for 2016, is between 19th to 25th September. We have covered recipes that feature rice before (click here to check out our archive) but today I have a very useful infographic you need to see. It has plenty […]

Exciting Beetroot Recipes You Need To Know About

In the UK, we use the term ‘Beetroot’, while in the USA they are simply called ‘Beets’. What ever you like to call them, not only can you eat them but they can be also used for food colouring and for medicinal uses too. Quite a versatile bulb of redness. Versatile but ultimately, just for salads? My only real experience of […]

The Essential Guide To Using Chopsticks

Have you been out with friends and family to a Chinese restaurant and wanted to look cool with chopsticks? After just a few minutes of trying, we’re reaching for a fork as we can’t seem to pick up anything! Stress no more, here’s everything you need to know about using chopsticks, just add patience and […]

An Introduction To Korean Food: Bibimbap

Korean food is becoming more popular recently it would seem. There are more and more recipes springing up tempting us to look at the traditional fare from this East Asian country. I’ve found this recipe for Bibimbap which is a signature Korean rice dish with fresh vegetables stir fried and then mixed all together with […]

How To Cook Perfect Rice

I love rice, I prefer it over potatoes most of the time. But it’s always something I ‘just about get right’. To be honest, it’s one of those things that we all should be able to cook correctly.  However, many of us don’t and that’s why we end up with rice cookers. The aim is […]