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Kitchen Multi-Tools You Will Actually Want To Buy

If you ever found a spatula, like you would use to flip a steak or a burger, almost useless because things slide off or just don’t last long (they never seem to be built to last) – then these¬†kitchen multi-tools will be of great interest to you! The design company TNK, based in the Netherlands, […]

Gennaro: Slow Cook Italian – A Lovely Book Of Classic Recipes

Those Italians know how to do great food. They have a massive passion for cooking and know exactly how to get the best out of their ingredients. But you do know there is more than great pasta and amazing desserts, right? I’m not talking about¬†amazing fish dishes or fantastic risotto’s – Italian cuisine also has […]

MasterChef :The Masters At Home, Favourite Recipes From World Class Chefs

One of the largest and heaviest books that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing so far, is the MasterChef: The Masters At Home. It feels very weighty at 3cm thick and at 335 pages I guess it ought to. I should warn you that the book doesn’t really have a direct connection with MasterChef as […]