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Three Traditional Mulled Wine Recipes For The Festive Season

When it comes to drinks for Christmas. the first one that comes to mind for most of us is mulled wine. It’s such a traditional drink in the UK that the older versions are now long forgotten, well nearly! I’m sure that most would consider mulled wine as a European invention. However, according to Wikipedia… […]

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Made With Red Wine, A Hit Or Miss?

Back in October, I mentioned the new fad of adding red wine to your hot chocolate. Interesting flavour I’m sure. But that’s not the end of adding wine to foods that you wouldn’t normally add wine to. The very latest is idea is to take a nice and cheesy grilled sandwich and include your favourite red […]

Jack Monroe’s ‘Pears In Red Wine With Dark Chocolate’

Are you looking for a festive dessert but your budget is getting a bit tight? Jack Monroe, leading expert on cooking on a budget, has a great recipe for Pears poached in spiced red wine with dark chocolate. The finished dessert looks lovely and I’m pretty sure no one is going to guess it’s based on […]

Chicken & Red Wine Casserole With Herby Dumplings

The clocks have gone back and even though I hate to admit it, I have resorted to central heating having battled against it for long enough! On a dark, cold and wet evening what better dish to serve up that this recipe for chicken and red wine casserole with herby dumplings…deliciously comforting and warming. I […]

Budget day: beat the price hike on wine with Winehound

It’s not often I put a picture of a politician on a blog post, actually thinking about it – it’s the first time I ever have. But there really is a good reason so please bear with me. Most believe that in today’s budget in the UK, Chancellor George Osborne will be increasing the duty […]

Break free from ‘red wine with red meat’ rule of thumb

If you are planning the perfect dinner party, you will choose the best recipe for your invited guests. Selected a great dessert, dressed  the table and even put out the posh table wear. Just how much thought did you put in to your wine choice? We often go by the rule of thumb, “Red wine with […]