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Super Salad Recipes – For Spring, Summer And Beyond!

Are you looking for a great salad? They’re great at any time of the year, either as a dish in it own right or as an accompaniment to something else. Somehow they just seem better in the summer. What ever you are looking for and whenever you want to eat one, we have a salad recipe for […]

Asparagus Soldiers And Soft Boiled Egg, Great Recipe From Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Asparagus is coming in to season, many of the fruit and veg stalls at my local market have bundles of it for sale. If you have never tried this Spring vegetable before then you really should. It needs little preparation and is best served with only few added ingredients. This makes it relatively cheap and […]

When Is The Best Time To Eat A Banana To Get The Full Health Benefits?

When it comes to banana’s, we all assume that when they’re yellow it’s the best time to eat them. In the past I’ve bought them and eaten them when they are blemish free. However, that’s not the best time to eat them, not if you want the full health benefits. According to the Healthy Food […]

Three Great Ginger Recipes For You To Try

We normally associate ginger with Chinese cooking and biscuits. But there is so much more you can do. I have found three great recipes that use the pungent spice… The first comes from Great British Chefs and is fairly traditional, Ginger snap biscuits – Josh Eggleton There’s nothing like ginger snap biscuits when having a warm […]

Make The Perfect Pasty With The World Champion Pasty Maker

Earlier in the year I sponsored a project on Kickstarter for a recipe book. Not just any recipe book but one about making award winning pasties. Billy Deakin, award winning pasty maker has recorded his expertise in “Proper Pasties, How To Make An Award Winning Cornish Pasty“. The project is complete and the book is now […]

What To Do With A Chayote – 5 recipes for you to try

A while ago, I posted a picture of a strange looking vegetable and asked for help, what can you do with a Chayote? Thankfully a Twitter friend put me on to an article where there were plenty of recipes. Sorry Twitter friend, I have forgotten who you are and can’t find your original tweet on Twitter. […]

Wanted – your ideas on how to cook a chayote!

I bought a vegetable at my market recently, mainly because I had never seen one like it before. The French seller called it a Chayote, ‘a bit like a potato’, he said. To me, it looks like a folded up pepper. A search around the internet revealed what it is… The chayote (Sechium edule), also […]

Thai Week: Thai Fish Cakes

It’s our last Thai recipe of the week and we are rounding it off with Thai Fish Cakes. Full of flavour and easy to make, this recipe comes with a cucumber relish. Delicious as a light snack or put with salad or vegetables for a main meal. Ingredients for your Thai Fish Cakes: 250 g […]

Baking week: Ginger Marble Cake Bars

I recently made these Ginger Marble Cake Bars and was very pleased with the results. Simple to make and no cooking involved which is always a bonus…you just have to wait for them to chill in the fridge (that’s the hardest part!). I love ginger and these Cake Bars use ginger nut biscuits and also […]

BBQ Week: Delicious Homemade Burgers

So to kick off our week of BBQ recipes and ideas I’ve started with a traditional homemade burger. These are great as everyone can pick their favorite toppings and they are much healthier as you know exactly what’s in them. Enjoy! In my opinion no summer is complete without plenty of barbeque’s especially at the moment with the current heat wave […]