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Baked cheese fondue with flatbreads

Raymond Blanc currently has a BBC2 series showing on our screens called ‘How to Cook Well’. This is a great series and in last night’s episode he showed us how to do a baked cheese fondue with flatbreads – it looked absolutely delicious and certainly made my mouth water! The cheese fondue is one of the […]

Raymond Blanc back on our screens this summer with ‘How To Cook Well’

Famous French Chef Raymond Blanc will be back on British telly this summer with a brand new series. The new set of programs will be called “Raymond Blanc: How To Cook Well”, and will be a masterclass in basic cooking techniques. It’s scheduled to be broadcast on BBC2 but exact dates have not been given […]

Raymond Blanc’s onion tart

I must admit I’ve never eaten an onion tart but Raymond Blanc’s looks very tasty indeed. I’m not sure I would be able to chop that many onions without crying but the smell as they cook in his pastry case along with the crème fraîche and bacon lardon mixture is sure to make anyone’s mouth […]

Strawberry and rhubarb crumble

Raymond Blanc shows us his kitchen garden at his restaurant where he’s grown rhubarb. Perfect for this time of year. Strawberries may not be quite in season in the UK but Raymond Blanc is using strawberries from France which look delicious. This crumble recipe is light and crunchy and looks very easy to put together. He does marinate the rhubarb […]